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Nurses at Beaumont defer industrial action


INMO protest

INMO protest

Beaumont Street

Beaumont Street


INMO protest

nurses working in Beaumont Hospital's overcrowded emergency department (ED) have put off their industrial action.

An agreement was reached at the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) to deal with staffing levels and other issues at the heart of the dispute.

Members of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) agreed to defer their industrial action which had been due to begin today.

INMO industrial relations officer Lorraine Monaghan told the Herald that "a lot of progress" has been made in the past two weeks.

"Twelve permanent posts will be in place at the end of the month and seven temporary posts will come on board in July and August," she said.

In addition, a workforce review will establish appropriate staffing levels for the emergency department.

The INMO had served notice of the action last month "due to the failure of management to recruit additional nursing staff as previously agreed, and apply measures to address the unsafe conditions in the emergency department".


However, over the past two weeks management at the hospital have recruited nurses to fill the vacancies in the ED.

Start dates have been agreed, and these nurses will take up employment in the coming weeks.

The INMO said management had also agreed to put in place interim measures to ensure that all shifts in the department are fully covered until the newly recruited nurses come on board.

Ms Monaghan said the situation will be closely monitored and the parties will meet again in four weeks' time under the auspices of the LRC to review implementation of this agreement.

She said "significant progress" has been made over the past two weeks to address the situation in the ED.

"Measures will also be implemented aimed at improving patient flow in the hospital and, in turn, reducing overcrowding in the Emergency Department," she said.

'Measures will be implemented to improve the patient flow'