Friday 25 May 2018

Now everyone wants a better bum thanks to certain celebs

Women like Beyonce, Kim and J-Lo have catapulted a curved, rounded bottom to the top of wish lists for most gym clients, says Pat Henry

START; Reverse Lunge
START; Reverse Lunge
FINISH; Reverse Lunge
START; Split Squat
FINISH; Split Squat
FINISH; D/Bell Step Up
START; D/Bell Step Up
START; Weighted Hip Bridge
FINISH; Weighted Hip Bridge

The demand amongst clients to increase and firm up their bottoms has upped by about 50pc, largely thanks to what they see in magazines, newspapers and online.

It does seem that even young teenagers are exercising to increase their size. If that is what you really want then go for it. But remember, when the fashion for larger hips changes it may not be that easy to reverse the look.

For example, to get a more rounded look to the bottom it can be achieved two ways. 1: Gaining weight, which will not be firm but soft and fat 2: by training with heavy weights and increasing your protein intake. This will also increase your bottom size and also your legs.

Exercises such as half squats and lunges etc. will work on the hips and legs. I would recommend by all means firm up your hips and legs but combine it with a full-body workout where each body part is exercised. Building firmness and tone all over and not just in your bum and legs.

Pick training such as the movements shown. Use a weight that is comfortable for you. Don't start using heavy weights with bad form. We constantly see many men and women dropping into a squat position too quickly and bouncing upwards. All this will do is damage your knees and hurt your back. Perform each exercise slowly and be aware of which body part you are working on.

Pay attention and move slowly, with repetitions of 12, 10 and 8 with your maximum weight. Which will help in building size. To tone, simply lower the weight, decrease the weight and increase the reps to 20, 15 and 12 moving steadily.

The latest research has shown that for the ladies, fat is automatically stored on the hips and the top of the thighs. Science shows that fat stored in these areas is what feeds the unborn baby during pregnancy.

So, fat storage has it's purpose. Nature has it's own plan, so if you intend on getting pregnant don't be a little up tight if a little fat builds up on the hips.


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Standing with dumbbells in hands, step one leg out to the back bending both knees to a 90-degree angle and keeping the back knee 2 inches off the floor – before bringing both feet back together again. Keep the body upright through out.


Step one leg out to the front, place the back foot on a bench. Keep the front knee steady over the ankle and drop the back knee down towards the floor. Keep the body upright.


Facing a bench with dumbbells in hands step up fully driving the other knee up in front, don’t let the foot rest, then slowly lower the body back down. Landing gently. Repeat both legs.

Lying on the floor with the knees bent and a plate or weight across your hips. Push through the heels and drive the hips up squeezing your bum - Keeping the hips in line with the knees and shoulders then slowly lowering back down to the floor.

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