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Not too late to find Anthony's killers, says grieving mum

THE mother of murdered plumber Anthony Campbell has said a cold-case review of her son's death could bring his killers to justice.

Anthony was only 20 when he was shot dead by a gangland hit squad sent to kill Marlo Hyland on December 12, 2006.

The apprentice was carrying out work in a Finglas property at the time, unaware Hyland was using it as a safe-house and sleeping upstairs.


After killing Hyland, the gang turned their gun on Anthony because he was a potential witness.

He was shot dead in a downstairs room while trying to cover his head with his hands.

Now his grieving mother Christine has called on the Garda Serious Crime Review Team to re-examine Anthony's killing.

Living a new life in the UK, Christine had previously told the Herald on the seventh anniversary of Anthony's death that to protect her own sanity, she had resigned herself to the possibility that nobody will ever face justice for her son's murder and that she felt let down by the Irish justice system.

"Everyone seems to know what happened that day, but still nothing has happened," she told the Herald.


"I'm his mother. Wouldn't you want justice for your child? I had the best 20 years with him, and I won't let the actions of his killers infect my memories of him," Christine added.

Two men, who are serving lengthy jail terms for drug offences, are believed by gardai to have killed Anthony and Hyland.

Christine has said cold-case reviews have been successful in the past, and would like to see the specialist team put fresh eyes on Anthony's file.

"I feel justice will not be served until those responsible are caught. I know that people have been arrested in the past but nobody has been charged," she said.

"Perhaps a fresh set of eyes would unearth some new information," she added, saying she would like to meet with Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to talk about the case.

Christine said Christmas is always hard to face and now she is preparing for another festive season without Anthony.

"I don't like it because it reminds me Anthony is not here," she said.