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Not so – the city street that is plagued by break-ins and arson

A SPATE of incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour in a Dublin laneway has left locals fearing for their safety.

Emergency services werecalled to the vicinity of 'Lucky Lane' in the North Inner City on four occasions in a recent three-day period after cars and bins were set alight.

Locals are up in arms about what they say is a spike in anti-social behaviour around the Aughrim Street area of the city over the past few weeks.

Sources say teenagers and young adults have been seen congregating on the street and in the adjacent laneway late at night.


"It is becoming a significant problem and the number of calls the emergency services have received about incidents in the area has escalated," an emergency source explained.

In the most serious of incidents, a car was set alight one night in close proximity to a number of homes.

The following day, a skip was set on fire – prompting residents to phone Dublin Fire Brigade.

In total there were four separate blazes in the area over a four-day period last week.

Locals have also reported being intimidated by youths who are suspected of the anti-social behaviour in recent days.

Sources also say there has been a significant level of waste material dumped in the laneway, which has heightened fears that more fires will be started.

A number of break-ins and burglaries in recent weeks have also been reported to gardai.

Independent councillor Nial Ring told the Herald that locals are "extremely worried" about the spike of incidents.


"People feel that their community is being lost to this type of criminality and anti-social behaviour and it's simply not acceptable that anyone would be frightened to leave their homes at night.

"Clearly, four fires in four days is nothing short of alarming and it's incumbent on the gardai to increase monitoring of this area. There is also a significant level of material being dumped here which provides an invitation for people to start blazes. It's unfortunate that an area known as 'Lucky Lane' has become a target for these youths."

The spike in anti-social behaviour is set to be raised by Cllr Ring at upcoming policing forums in the city.