Friday 15 December 2017

North Face clothing firm faces fury over geese feathers

A POPULAR winter clothing company faces a customer backlash after it emerged that feathers in its padded jackets were taken from force-fed geese.

The North Face, an American company favoured by Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie and TV reporters everywhere, has previously claimed that is down-filled coats were ethically produced.

But animal rights campaigners found that the down came from Hungarian farms where geese are artificially fattened to make foie gras from their oversized livers.

The North Face said it was trying to find another source for down, the soft layer of feathers used in pillows, that was not a by-products of force-feeding.

But the firm is likely to face a backlash from shoppers whose distaste at the methods used to make foie gras have led to the delicacy being taken off many supermarket shelves.

The birds have metal tubes inserted into their beaks so that grain can be poured down their throats, making their livers swell.

Marcus Mueller of Four Paws, a charity said: "During the three weeks of forced feeding...geese are force-fed three times a day, until they are sick to death. It is the worse kind of cruelty."


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