Monday 20 November 2017

'Nobody's mad, just come home' - Tina's distraught husband

Missing Tina Satchwell
Missing Tina Satchwell

The husband of a woman missing for three months has made an emotional appeal for her to get in touch, saying: "Nobody's mad at you. My arms are open."

Tina Satchwell (45) went missing from her home in Youghal, Co Cork, on March 20 and there have been no sightings of her since.

Her husband, Richard Satchwell, will appear on RTE's Crimecall tonight to appeal for information on her whereabouts and to say her heartbroken family want her home.


Describing the last time he saw his wife, Mr Satchwell told the programme: "She came downstairs. I gave her a cup of tea and a slice of toast.

"Then she asked if I'd go over to Dungarvan. I gave her a peck, and said I'd see her in a couple of hours."

Mr Satchwell returned to an empty house occupied only by his wife's two dogs, Ruby and Heidi, which he said was strange as she normally took them everywhere with her.

He called the gardai four days later after receiving no information from his wife or her family.

"Tina, come home, there's nobody mad at you. My arms are open. The pets are missing you," he said.

Mr Satchwell added that he "just can't go on not knowing", and pleaded with Crimecall viewers or anyone with information to ring the gardai.

Ms Satchwell's aunt, Margaret Maher, told RTE that it was very unusual for her niece to have disappeared without a trace.

"It's very out of character for her. I wouldn't feel she'd go anywhere on her own. She's not a person who would do that," she said.

"All the family have been contacted and no one in the family has seen or heard from her."


Ms Satchwell's cousin, Sarah Howard, describes her on the programme as "a girl who loved her fashion" and was well-known around Youghal for her sense of style.

"She always had something stylish on, no matter where she was going," she said.

"If she was going to get bread or milk, she'd have something nice on."

Ms Satchwell is five-foot-six and of medium build with blonde shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.

She and her husband have no children.

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