Wednesday 23 January 2019

Noble took six years to make but the premiere in Dublin was very special

It's been a tough journey, but the Dublin premiere of Noble last night was amazing and really made all the hard work worthwhile.

I live in London with my family, so it's been a busy few weeks travelling over and back to promote the movie.

It has taken us six years to get this film made, but I am so delighted that Christina Noble chose us to tell her story.

Last night was very special because I was so excited for her to see the movie on the big screen.

It was important because it's Christina's home and so the Irish premiere was more special than any other.

We'll be promoting the movie in the States from next March and we're also going to the exclusive Dinard British Film Festival in France in October so we've a busy few months ahead.

I first met Christina around eight years ago when she asked me host a ball in aid of her amazing foundation, and I just knew that her story would make a great movie.

Working with my husband, Stephen Bradley, who wrote the screenplay and directed the movie, was an incredible experience. Working together was life-changing, hard and wonderful all at once.

By the time we started filming in Vietnam, Stephen and I had probably spoken about Noble every day for at least three years, so we were both on the same page about the kind of movie that we wanted to make.


Filming in Vietnam was just out of this world. The people were beautiful and I just loved it there.

We had such a special crew and they were just fabulous and always up for a laugh and we became so close over the 10 weeks.

We t ook our children, Holly and Daniel, with us as well, so we all decamped to Vietnam as a family.

It was brilliant to reunite with Brendan Coyle, who's on Downton Abbey at the moment.

We hadn't worked together in 12 years, and when someone lands in Saigon to be a part of your project, it's very touching.

It was a serious movie, so we couldn't get out of the zone too much, but we had a great time catching up in the hotel on the weekends.

Vietnam is in my blood now and I can't wait to go back and explore more of it as soon as possible.

Most of all I'm looking forward to seeing how the movie does - like any actor, I'm hoping people go to see it because it's a very special film about an incredible woman.

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