Friday 18 January 2019

'No surprise lads try to look like Conor - he's an inspiration'

Conor McAllister pictured at the Grafton Barber on Grafton street, Dublin. Photo: Arthur Carron
Conor McAllister pictured at the Grafton Barber on Grafton street, Dublin. Photo: Arthur Carron

Conor McGregor is known for his dapper three-piece suits, bow ties, manicured beard and quiffed hair - and now barbers and tailors are raking it in as fans try to emulate their hero.

Sales of suits, shaving products and "Conor cuts" are skyrocketing thanks to 'The Notorious'.

Magee, with two stores in Dublin, specialises in Donegal tweed and three-piece tailored suits.

It reported a 30pc increase in the sale of suits over Christmas 2016 compared to the year before.

Demand has been constant, according to the company, with Dublin men willing to splash out on two or three at a time, tailored to perfect the look.


There's also been a 50pc increase in the sales of beard grooming products at The Grafton Barber.

The firm even sold out of €12.95 shaving soap and had to reorder new stock on Christmas Eve to meet demand.

Conor McAllister (46), co owner of The Grafton Barber, said: "How many times have you done a double take in the street to realise, no, it's not Conor McGregor but a fella trying to look just like him?

"We get young kids who want their hair quiffed over like Conor, then you get lads in copying his look with the hair and beard.

"McGregor is a legend and it's no surprise so many lads want to look like him, because he's inspired a generation.

"If lads in their teens and 20s come in wanting to get his look, you think 'fair enough' and you make them feel it's original. But, if they're in their 30s, that's a bit old for that look.

"On Christmas Eve, a staff member had to order a load more shaving soap because we had run out and I was shocked. That's how big this is now.

"The McGregor thing is a trend but it's changing, with men shaving their beards shorter now too."

Hugh Hilley, manager of Magee, said: "Young men are coming in following the Conor McGregor trend, looking for three-piece suits, and they are willing to spend a lot.

"They come in with the beard, the hair. This has been going on for a while now. The whole three-piece suit, the dickie bows, is huge at the minute."

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