Friday 25 May 2018

No papers on killer MacArthur released

NO files in relation to the arrest and conviction of double killer Malcolm MacArthur have been cleared for release in the 30-year-old documents.

Any papers concerning his sensational 1982 arrest at a home owned by the then attorney general are still considered live.

MacArthur (67), pictured right, is living out his days on licence and under close supervision.

The Taoiseach's office revealed that it does not have any files in relation to Bridie Gargan, the nurse killed by MacArthur as she sunbathed in Phoenix Park, or Donal Dunne, a farmer from Co Offaly, who was selling a shotgun which days later MacArthur used to kill him.

The socialite was staying at an apartment in Pilot View, Dalkey, owned by his friend, the then attorney general Patrick Connolly, when detained by gardai for the two murders.


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