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No one wants to adopt one-eyed bulldog Ugly Betty


French bulldog Ugly Betty is ‘really chilled out’

French bulldog Ugly Betty is ‘really chilled out’


French bulldog Ugly Betty is ‘really chilled out’

A one-eyed dog named Ugly Betty is seeking a new home, but staff at a rescue centre fear potential owners "may be put off by her unusual looks".

The eight-year-old French bulldog was taken in by the RSPCA in Essex last month after her previous owners said they could no longer care for her.

She is missing an eye and has Cushing's disease, where a dog's body produces too much of the hormone cortisol.

The condition requires medication to manage and ongoing blood checks.

It is believed that Ugly Betty was previously used for breeding.

Animal support worker Kathy Butler said: "French bulldogs are a hugely popular breed at the moment, and we were sure Ugly Betty would be snapped up quickly.


"But we think people may be put off by her unusual looks and her health complications.

"Betty is absolutely adorable and has such a lovely, sweet nature.

"She's really chilled out and loves going for a little stroll.

"Her favourite thing is going for a drive in the car and she also loves to potter around the garden.

"She's doing well so far and we believe the medic- ation will work for her, but we know this is a big financial commitment for any new owner."

The RSPCA said Ugly Betty loves to collect things, such as socks and flip-flops, and take them to her bed.