Saturday 19 January 2019

No more cramming ... as you can't beat a good night's sleep

George (17) endured 45 minutes of traffic from Greystones to Blackrock College where he sat English Paper One today.

Last night, I studied until 8.30 and got a good night's sleep because I wanted to come in today with a clear head.

Paper One is full of personal writing, and we'll be given a comprehension which tests your ability to answer questions when you're given a text.

It depends on what comes up but I generally like writing speeches and types of motivational writing so I might do that under the next section.

I basically plan to read the comprehension they give us, and if I can reiterate a speech in the right context I'll do that. I'm hoping the comprehension will be something I can relate to because that will make it a lot easier.

I find that it's sometimes it's hard to come up with a short story or an essay.

Other people prepare essays that you can tie into any questions in the exam, but I generally prefer speeches.


I finish at 12.30pm so I'll get the Dart home and I'll be back by 1.30pm and I'll start studying for Paper Two straight away.

I've been studying English Paper Two over the last few days because it requires learning, whereas Paper One is based on texts that you're given.

I'm hoping a character question comes up for the Shakespearean play, or the role of women in the play.

And for the comparative texts, I've studied The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House and the film Billy Elliot.

Hopefully themes and vision or viewpoint will come up. I've studied theme most of all, so it would be a bonus if that appeared on the paper.

I've also been looking over the poems of Robert Frost, Eavan Boland and Emily Dickinson. Last year everyone expected Eavan Boland to come up and there was a bit of an uproar when she didn't, so I think there's a good chance she'll come up. Also it's Emily Dickinson's last year on the course so I'm banking on her coming up too.

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