Saturday 23 February 2019

No Leo, I would never ask my parents for a house deposit

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has come under fire
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has come under fire

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is standing over remarks he made about how some young people trying to get on the property ladder can "get money from their parents".

The comments were made in the Dail on Tuesday and resulted in opposition politicians describing him as a "posh boy" who doesn't live in the real world and thinks it's okay to borrow from 'the bank of mum and dad'.

In this case, I think Leo has made himself a very easy target for abuse and a backlash can only be expected.

The Taoiseach has defended his comments and said in some cases, this might mean getting a site in a rural area, or for others, they may inherit "a bit of money from an elderly relative".

"There's nothing wrong with any of it, it's not a mark of privilege. It's what's happens every day in middle Ireland," he said.


While it may be relatively common in middle Ireland for young people to receive some financial help from their relatives when it comes to moving out, it certainly isn't the norm in places like Dublin where the property market is a mess.

The Taoiseach has since clarified his position even further by saying that he personally never asked his parents for financial help to get his first house and he took out a 100pc mortgage for 40 years.

I always cringe whenever I hear politicians, or anyone in the limelight, speak with a sense of entitlement or make themselves seem so unrelatable to everyday people.

The reaction on Twitter has been quite amusing with satirical accounts tweeting headlines like: ''BREAKING: Millennials To Move In With Leo Varadkar In Order To Save For Mortgages."

As someone who is still living at home, saving for a mortgage, I find the whole thing quite insulting as I would never dream of asking my parents for money for a house.

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