Friday 21 September 2018

No land row in shooting says widow

A WIDOW whose husband killed her brother in a murder-suicide has said she can't understand what was behind their tragic deaths.

Hilda Jordan has broken her silence on the farm shootout today to say that she knows nothing about land or religious rows between the brothers-in-law.

Her husband Michael and brother George Rothwell from Carlow were buried on Monday.

"It's impossible to know what happened, we'll probably never know... it's one of those cases," Mrs Jordan said.

"Something happened to Michael and I don't know ... we probably never will," she added.

Gardai believe Mr Jordan (51) shot Mr Rothwell (68) up to four times, killing him, before walking to a shed at the back of his own farm and hanging himself. Locals suspected that the tragedy was sparked by a bitter feud over farm land but now Mrs Jordan has said that the men were never in dispute and helped each other out.

"There was definitely no row about land, in fact Michael was winding down on work.

"He had sold ewes in lamb at Tullow Mart recently and was even thinking of selling more to cut back on the workload. He was thinking of setting a field, ploughing a field and of planting a field ... sheep are a young man's game and he wasn't able to continue with no help and we have no family.

"There was definitely no row between them over land.

"We all worked in harmony together ... never once was there a cross word between Michael and George," she said.


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