Wednesday 23 May 2018

No joke as Des has on-air fit of giggles

Des Cahill
Des Cahill

It's one way to wake up listeners.

Des Cahill has revealed that a funny conversation off-air led to his laughing fit on yesterday's Morning Ireland.

The sports broadcaster was about to discuss the prospect of last night's Euro 2016 clash between Portugal and Poland when he broke into a fit of giggles.

Ever the professional, he tried to soldier on but kept chuckling - along with his colleagues - before a recording of a GAA interview was played.

Listeners took to social media to ask what he found so funny.

One listener said: "Des Cahill completely corpsed on Morning Ireland just now. Wonder what the gag was."


When the recording had finished, Des had regained his composure and passed off his laughing fit on a "technical blip".

However, he admitted he was telling a joke to his co-hosts when he was brought back on air before he was ready.

"Basically, the red light came on too early," he said. "I was telling Keelin Shanley and Audrey Carville a story about a vox-pop with fans at the airport.

"Just before the punchline I had to resume the sport, but I just couldn't stop laughing in my head."

Despite being pressed, the 63-year-old refused to repeat the joke, saying: "I'm well aware it's not funny enough to live up to the expectation, so I'm going to take it with me to the grave."

Fortunately for Des, fans of the show didn't mind the slip-up and even thanked him for brightening up their morning.

"Thanks for the laugh this morning Des Cahill and crew at RTE," one listener wrote on Twitter.

"Morning Ireland, you brightened up an otherwise wet and dreary morning with Des Cahill laughter," said another.

Yet another described it as "radio gold".

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