Wednesday 16 January 2019

No jail after girl back in school

THE parents of a teenage girl who did not turn up for classes on 50pc of a school year have avoided jail terms.

Judge John O'Neill heard at Dublin District Court that the girl's school attendance record has improved greatly.

However, he warned the parents that they would face the threat of prison if the situation deteriorates again.

The girl, who is in her early teens, was not in class for 81 school days from September 2013 until July last. In the previous year, the record had been worse.

Yesterday he was told the girl has missed just five days since the start of the new term. Judge O'Neill adjoured the case generally.

Mossad wants spies - online

It used to be that if you wanted to join one of the world's most secretive espionage organisations you had to sneak into a foreign embassy, answer a cryptic newspaper ad or show up in a nondescript building in Tel Aviv to meet a shadowy recruiter.

Now all it takes to apply for a job at Israel's Mossad spy agency is a click of the mouse.

Mossad has revamped its website to include a snazzy recruiting video and an online application option. The sleek site looks to revolutionise the way Israel's legendary agency seeks out potential agents.

'Stupidity' will wipe planet out

TV presenter Professor Brian Cox has warned that "human stupidity" is now "the biggest threat to civilisation".

The pop star-turned-physicist (46) said that the possibility of "catastrophic climate change", "crop disease caused by a loss of biodiversity" and "asteroid impact" put human existence in peril.

"The problem with these points is that if you make them carelessly you end up sounding like Morrissey in his teenage years," he said.

'Drunk' smashes into J-Lo's car

A suspected drink-driver crashed into an SUV carrying actress Leah Remini and singer Jennifer Lopez and her two children then fled the scene.

Remini, who was driving, was then rear-ended by a pick-up truck. No one was injured.

Remini is best known as Carrie Heffernan on The King Of Queens.

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