Tuesday 17 July 2018

no holding noel back on his 
mission to feed city revellers

supporting local business

NOEL'S Place is vying to become the go-to place on College Green for a late night snack.

Owner Noel Ronan has been in business since last October and despite the challenges of the Irish weather he is determined to furnish Dublin with high-quality hot-dogs and burgers.

"My food really is great; all my meat is sourced here. It's quality Irish produce," he told the Herald.

The business man from Dominick Street previously worked as a coach driver but became unemployed in 2010.

That didn't stop the hard-working 54-year-old entrepreneur and he was thrilled with the chance to set up on his own.

"I really wanted to work and this gave me a great opportunity to do so," he said.

Noel's Place is a mobile unit that sits on College Green every week from Thursday to Sunday and opens from 10pm to cater for the city's late night revellers.

As a small business operating alongside some international food giants, Noel knew he would need some guidance before establishing his company.

He contacted the Inner City Enterprise (ICE) organisation which helps locals create their own businnesses and was thrilled when the "fantastic" service they provided him prior to setting up. "They really are a great help to anyone who wants to start out on their own," he said.

After six months he met again with the group to review the first half-year of business.

ICE has been helping Dubliners get off the ground for over 20 years.

They offer a range of mentoring services and in some cases can provide unsecured low-interest loan assistance for initial start-ups.

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