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No CCTV for city park where special needs man beaten


Paul Deaton

Paul Deaton

Paul Deaton

Dublin City Council has no plans to increase security at a park where a man with special needs was beaten up.

Lord Mayor Christy Burke had requested that the council install CCTV among a range of other measures to make Fairview Park safer.

Paul Deaton (31), from Marino, was left afraid to leave his home following an attack in the park in April.

He was looking at diggers when he was assaulted by a gang of youths.

Mr Deaton suffered head injuries when the teens tripped him up and kicked him while he was on the ground.

Mr Burke asked for the CCTV cameras and garda foot patrols in the park following discussions with residents.

However, the managers' reply said there was a park ranger there during opening hours and gardai were the first on the scene in the event of any problems.

"It's completely unsatisfactory," Mr Burke told the Herald.

"I've never seen a park ranger there. I'll be asking for signs to point to their office to let people know where he or she is.

"I've had numerous reports from locals of verbal harassment and violence.

"I will now be asking for a full report from the gardai on the park."

Meanwhile, councillors were presented with proposals for a new cycle route from Amiens Street to Clontarf at a local area committee meeting yesterday.

The current plans could see the steel Fairview footbridge relocated to another area and a pedestrian crossing installed at Merville Avenue to replace it.

The suggestion that the bridge be taken out was described as "ludicrous" by local TD Sean Kenny.

Several councillors raised concerns yesterday about the removal of the landmark bridge.

They asked that a special meeting of the north central area be scheduled to tease out the proposals before the plans go to the full city council.