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Nine shots put into bullet-proof windows of gang target's home


The damaged windows of the home of Michael Frazer

The damaged windows of the home of Michael Frazer

The damaged windows of the home of Michael Frazer

The family home of notorious gangland target Michael Frazer, which is protected with blast-proof windows, has been shot-up in another attack.

The shooting took place on Knocknarea Avenue in Drimnagh at the home of Frazer's innocent parents. Frazer has survived five previous attempts on his life.

More than nine shots were fired at the front of the house - which now features a reinforced door after the previous one was severely damaged in a grenade attack in 2008.

In that attack a fragmentation grenade was thrown through the front door and exploded in the small hallway of the house, sending shrapnel ripping through the ceiling.


But on Friday morning the house was targeted once again, despite the fact that Frazer (35) no longer lives there.

The bullet-proof windows absorbed the impact of nine shots

Frazer, once aligned to gangland's 'Fat' Freddie Thompson, previously fled Ireland after repeated attempts to kill him.

But the car dealer is back in Dublin, despite the threat to his life.

He is in the sights of the Kinahan cartel, one of the country's most dangerous crime gangs. The cartel includes former pals in the 'Fat' Freddie Thompson mob and thugs associated with gangland hardman Paul Rice.

Frazer survived a brutal attack three years ago, when he was shot in Clondalkin.

In August 2014, he narrowly escaped with his life when a hitman's gun jammed in another failed assassination.

In March 2013, Frazer drove himself to Clondalkin Garda Station after he was blasted in the upper body in a church car park on Bawnogue Road in Clondalkin.

He escaped from the shooting in his Mini Cooper and made it as far as the garda station "pumping blood" before he collapsed in the front office.

Gardai believe this gun attack was carried out by a notorious hitman who is the chief suspect for two murders in west Dublin.

Frazer then survived separate murder attempts in the south inner city, Firhouse, Drimnagh and Islandbridge areas between July and November of 2014 before he finally fled the country. Drimnagh man Frazer, who had been living in the capital's south inner city, has been a main target for many of the country's most dangerous criminal groups.

Frazer - who has no serious criminal convictions - is no stranger to violence.

All these incidents were linked to the now-defunct Crumlin/Drimnagh feud.

Because of his previous friendship with 'Fat' Freddie, Frazer was a long-term target for the rival Brian Rattigan gang during the bloody feud that saw 15 people killed.

Sources said there had been some suggestion that Frazer had "sorted out" some of the disputes.

It is believed the latest attacks on Frazer were related either to money or personal issues, which have resulted in a price being put on his head.