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Night buses hailed as right move for shift workers in a '24-hour Dublin'


North Dublin TD Noel Rock

North Dublin TD Noel Rock

North Dublin TD Noel Rock

Buses are to run through the night in Dublin, in a move hailed as "great news" for workers in the city.

The proposals follow a pilot scheme in Cork which is judged to have benefited bars and restaurants there.

In the capital, the 41 route, which runs between Lower Abbey Street and Swords, via Dublin Airport, has been earmarked as the first to offer additional services.


North Dublin TD Noel Rock said the new service makes sense for shift workers. "This is a bread and butter issue I've been pursuing since my election," he said.

"It makes sense for shift workers, for airport workers, for people coming to and from the airport, and for people who need to get to or from town late at night or early in the morning.

"Dublin is a 24-hour city, and the airport is a 24-hour operation for shift workers. It makes absolute sense for shift workers in town and the airport, as well as residents in Santry, Whitehall and Beaumont, to introduce a 24-hour bus along this route."

Anne Graham, chief executive of the National Transport Authority (NTA), said it is hoped that at least one 24-hour service will begin this year.

"In Cork, the extra buses run every hour after midnight," she said. "But we've got to a stage where we might actually have to increase the frequency because some of those buses are actually operating full."

The NTA has come under fire from some Dubliners for its BusConnects proposals, and Ms Graham admits it is quite a radical plan.

"As a city we're probably providing a very high level of bus corridors and bus priority," she said.

"But because our city has developed to being very low density, the bus is the most effective and most efficient means of providing services."