Sunday 23 September 2018

Nicola and Binky kiss and make up after onscreen fued



They might have clashed when they first met, but it seems Nicola Hughes and her Made In Chelsea co-star Binky Feltstead have put their differences behind them.

In a recent post on the Irish model-turned-reality star's Instagram account, the stylish pair appear to have kissed and made up - literally.

In the picture, Binky, who previously dated Nicola's boyfriend Alex Mytton, kisses the Sandyford native on the cheek.

Earlier this month, Assets model Nicola (25) also attended a barbeque at Binky's London home, hinting that the pair have put their turbulent past behind them.

The claws came out between the pair when outspoken blonde Nicola branded her co-star "fake" after they first met.

However, Nicola recently told the Diary that tension was down to rumours that had been circulating around the cast before the girls ever had a chance to meet.

"I think what happened between us was that we had never met each other so we had different people saying different things to each other," she explained.


"I'd hear something she said about me and then she'd hear something that I supposedly said about her and that kind of built up the tension between us but it's fine, she's a nice girl, it was just a bad kind of first encounter I guess.

"I guess it's me coming into her [Binky's] environment, it's always going to be quite daunting so I guess maybe I was a bit on the defensive side. I felt like I wanted to say how I felt," Nicola added.

"It's the same anywhere, if a new girlfriend comes on the scene, no one is going to like her."

But there was more drama for the Dublin model in the latest episode of Made In Chelsea.

The 25-year-old confronted fellow cast member Jess Woodley when she discovered the Londoner texted Alex when she flew home to Ireland.

"I feel like I can't trust you," Nicola told her former pal on Monday.

However Jess, who also had a fling with the DJ before he met Nicola, was quick to defend herself, calling her "pathetic".

"I'm not being a predator to your boyfriend," she said.

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