Friday 17 January 2020

Nicky and I both want to get back together for our show - DJ Jenny

Jenny Greene and Nicky Byrne’s hit show ran for five years on 2fm
Jenny Greene and Nicky Byrne’s hit show ran for five years on 2fm

RTE's Jenny Greene said she can "100pc" see her hit show with Westlife's Nicky Byrne coming back at some stage.

Their 2fm morning show was a huge hit with viewers during its five-year run, pulling in average listenership figures of 155,000 before being shelved after Nicky rejoined the band.

In what will be music to the ears of their fans, Jenny revealed she would love to see the show coming back on the airwaves and she chats with the singer all the time.

"I have to say, I miss Nicky dreadfully. We had such fun every day.

"We still talk on a weekly basis and I miss not seeing him every day," she said.

"Having said that, the show I do now in the afternoon is a really good fit for me. It's more music-based so for that reason I enjoy the show just as much but in a totally different way.

"I still have Caroline Clarke as my producer so that feels lovely.

"But I very much think that me and Nicky could easily do the show together again. Never say never. I know we would both love it. It's just a case of whether that could be made happen or not.


"I would be very open to it and I know he would too. There might be a possibility that it could happen. I definitely think there could be something in the future."

She said that although they seemed like an unlikely pairing when they were first put together in 2014, their contrasting personalities actually worked well together.

Nicky with Westlife
Nicky with Westlife

"On paper, nobody would think that we'd get on but we're probably quite similar underneath it all. To get to work with someone every day that you get on so well with was brilliant," she added.

Byrne left 2fm earlier this year as he resumed his music career with Westlife, who are due to release their 11th studio album, Spectrum, in November.

Greene, who has been with RTE since 2007, originally announced her intention to leave the station after the station reshuffle, which would have left her with an evening slot.

But then Dan Healy, head of 2fm, contacted her a few months later out of the blue and asked to meet her for a coffee to sound out a possible return.

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