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Nice Change: Evening Herald only €1

Here’s some really good news, The Evening Herald is now yours for only €1!

We’re still the same newspaper, full of the latest news, comment, cutting edge sport and thought provoking columnists.

At the Herald we’ve decided that value is No.1 and that’s why we’ve reduced the cover price by 20 cent making the Evening Herald the No.1 for the latest breaking news and now Ireland’s No.1 for value.

We continue to invest in quality journalism, hiring the best reporters, commentators and photographers and that’s why readers continue to turn to the Herald every day for breaking news and comment that no other paper can match.

We also give you our top class supplements and magazines, including Striker every Monday, Dublin GAA every Tuesday, our glossy Dubliner Magazine every Thursday and of course our exclusive coverage of Leinster Rugby every Friday.

So that really is a nice change, your Evening Herald - now only €1