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News in Brief: Sectarian riots in the North

Sectarian clashes erupted on Belfast's streets as masked Protestant rioters attacked Catholic homes, authorities in the North said.

More than 100 Protestant teens and young men bombarded Catholic homes with rocks, bricks and bottles. The street clashes occurred on a major sectarian fault line in east Belfast yesterday, pitting the Protestants of Newtownards Road against the Catholics of the Short Strand district.

Riot police kept the two sides apart and came under fire from both directions.

Curfew for teen over stolen car

A boy has been ordered to obey a curfew after he was arrested for driving a stolen car in south Dublin.

The teenager (17) was brought before the Children's Court charged with unlawfully using a stolen car and failing to give gardai his name and address, in Carrickmines, south Dublin, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Judge Ann Ryan remanded the teenager on bail to appear again next month.

First lady starts goodwill trip

US first lady Michelle Obama has begun a goodwill visit to sub-Saharan Africa, in a week-long stay designed to show that America cares about the continent's issues and people.

Accompanied by her two daughters, her mother, a niece and nephew, Mrs Obama plans a trip through South Africa and Botswana that is also shaping up to be an emotional and educational journey for the three Obama generations.

Many of the first lady's stops will highlight the legacy of Nelson Mandela and others like him whose struggles and sacrifices ultimately led to the undoing of apartheid.

Gossip Girl star to play Buckley

Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley will play Jeff Buckley in a movie about the late singer/songwriter's relationship with his equally noted father, folk singer Tim Buckley, its producers said.

His casting in Greetings From Tim Buckley ends a search that took more than a year and marks the first film ever made about either musician.

The film will start shooting in August in New York City.