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Newly-single Susan delighted to bring her Celtic Woman tour home

Singer Susan McFadden has revealed that she's back on the market after she and her fiance decided to call off their engagement.

The Dubliner was engaged to English actor Adam Booth and they were supposed to tie the knot last summer, but Susan revealed that she's currently not seeing anyone.

"I'm single," she told the Herald.


Susan - the sister of Brian McFadden- is busy touring the world with female super group Celtic Woman and admitted it's easier to head off on tour when you're unattached.

"It's definitely easier when you haven't got someone to leave behind, though it's still hard to leave your friends and family," she said.

Celtic Woman are about to embark on their 10th anniversary tour, and Susan admits it can be hard to be on the road for months on end.

"It's difficult juggling things. It's so much easier with Skype. In a way you keep in touch more when you're on the road," she said.

"When we're away together, when the friends and family come to visit everyone embraces them and that helps. You have a lot of time to think about things and put things in perspective.

"You have to make an effort. I think we are lucky that we are close to our families. We do get homesick."

Group member Mairead Carlin is really excited to launch their 10th anniversary tour in Dublin before taking it around the world.

"Finally Celtic Woman is coming home and we're so thrilled to be involved in that. There's been 12 girls over the years and so to be in the line-up for Dublin is amazing," she said.

"The songs we sing are from here so it's an honour to go away and come back and play for our families and friends."

The girls are also excited for their friends and family at home.

"I know my friends can't come to America because it's so far and for them to be able to come and see us in Dublin or Belfast is amazing," said Mairead.


"We've been going to a lot of different places because Celtic Woman have been really expanding over the last few years," said Susan.

"We've been to Australia, China and Europe and when we're away your family and friends just have to take your word for it and so it's nice that they get to come and see what we're up to."