Saturday 20 January 2018

Newborn photos are online in 60 minutes

Many babies are making their photographic debut on social media within an hour of their birth.

On average, images of more than two-thirds of newborns now appear online within 60 minutes, while the birth of Prince George encouraged 74pc of parents to increase the amount of baby and children snaps they uploaded.

A poll surveyed 2,367 parents of children aged five and under to discover the impact social media have had on the way new parents share images of their offspring.

Parents were asked how soon it was after their child was born that an image appeared on social media, and the average time period was 57.9 minutes.

When questioned on who specifically uploaded these images, only 62pc of parents acknowledged they did it themselves, with other family members (22pc) and friends (16pc) responsible for posting the remaining images.


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