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New survey reveals more women than men 'exercise active'

More women than men in Ireland are "exercise active" but men are more than twice as likely to take part in team sports, a survey by Millward Brown and Onside Marketing for Liberty Insurance shows.

Liberty's head of marketing Annette Ni Dhathlaoi (inset) says the Wise Up report shows 55pc of men and 45pc of women are active in sport.

More needs to be done to encourage schoolgirls to take up team sports.

The study showed 45pc of schoolgirls get involved in playing with teams, compared to 64pc of boys.


Speaking at the launch in Croke Park, Liberty's special guest, British sports broadcaster Clare Balding, said finding a sporting talent is best done by schools. But schools need to target girls more.

Balding says questions like 'Have you thought about this sport?' need to be asked. Also, better ways of spotting talent should be put into action.

When asked what might be the best way of getting more women involved in sport, 59pc of females suggested "greater support from schools". When the same question was posed to men, they said "more media coverage" would help.

While females of all ages lag behind in teams sports, women score highly in low contact sports like swimming, running and cycling - great exercises for strengthening the heart and lungs.

Women are more likely to watch men's sport on TV, with rugby top at 36pc, soccer on 29pc, gaelic football 25pc, tennis 24pc and hurling 20pc.

Wise Up says 73pc of those who attend live sports events as adults, did likewise as children.