Friday 15 December 2017

New look for sex monster who killed two women and cut their bodies up

THIS is Michael Bambrick – one of the country’s most notorious sex killers. Bambrick is barely identifiable from the time he was jailed for killing two women during sex games and then chopping their bodies up.

Sporting a new look and donning an Ulster Rugby jacket, Bambrick (58) has been making journeys from his apartment in Clonsilla into Dublin city centre, where he picked up one of his victims.

Bambrick was one of the cruellest killers gardai have ever encountered, virtually starving his children and killing their pet dog by bashing the animal against a wall.

He covered his tracks by dressing up as a woman when dumping the body parts of his victims, Patricia McGauley and Mary Cummins.

The ex-soldier is photographed here for the first time since his release from prison in April, 2009. Bambrick served just 13 years in prison after butchering the mum of his children, Patricia McGauley (43), and a woman he picked up in a bar, Mary Cummins (39).

He choked Ms Cummins to death in a sick sex game.

He gagged both of his victims with tights before dismembering their bodies with a hacksaw.

The double killer is now living in a one-bedroom apartment in Clonsilla, Dublin, and is understood to regularly use the 39A bus to travel to nearby Blanchardstown.

On April 24, 2009, he was whisked away from Arbour Hill Prison in Dublin after qualifying for a quarter remission of his 18-year sentence.

Bambrick, formerly of St Ronan's Park, Clondalkin, Dublin, had pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his former common-law wife Patricia McGauley, the mother of their two children, between September 1991 and February 1992.

He also pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of mother-of-one Mary Cummins in Dublin between July 1992 and December 1993.


Graphic evidence given at the inquests into the women's deaths in 1998 heard how, following an argument at their home, Bambrick had tied Ms McGauley's hands behind her back and gagged her.

She turned blue, but when he returned with a scissors she was dead. He later dismembered her body and took the parts to a nearby dump.

Months later, his second victim, Ms Cummins, suffered a similar horrific fate after meeting Bambrick in a Dublin pub.

She, too, died after being gagged and having her hands tied behind her back.

Her body was cut up and dumped in a black sack in a nearby ditch.

When he was handed an 18-year-sentence by Mr Justice Paul Carney, the high profile judge said he was concerned with two matters – the propensity of Bambrick to reoffend and constitutional problems where a life sentence appeared to be a non-mandatory option.

In the Central Criminal Court, the judge said he could not hand down a life sentence because of existing case law, Bambrick's guilty plea and the fact that the Director of Public Prosecutions had accepted his plea of not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter.


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