Wednesday 13 December 2017

new Exhibition gives a snapshot of our times

Most people are embarrassed when old photo albums come out at family dos, but a new photo exhibition in Dublin is showcasing the best of old photographs.

The Photo Album of Ireland project has been launched in the Gallery of Photography in Meeting House Square in Dublin. Project curator Trish Lambe said the idea was to "use the digital turn in order to consolidate old records of family photos".

"It's a democratic archive that provides accessible records of our rich photographic social history," she explained.

Over 3,000 photos are posted in the various family albums, which are on the Gallery of Photography's website.

One of the main goals of this initiative was to show the completely normal side to Irish families and seeing what reality was like at the time the photos were taken.


"We wanted to work with ordinary families, rather than going after famous people," said Ms Lambe.

The photos date "as far back as photography goes" with Jonathon Shackleton providing family pictures that from the 1850s.

Another Irish family - the Gilroys - presented 20 years of photos, that the father took to record the progression of his family over two decades.

There are even photos of people at a toga party in Trinity College in the 1930s.

Over 30 families took part, and Ms Lambe said that without these people volunteering, the project wouldn't have been able to go ahead.

"We asked anyone who was interested in photography, or had any type of connection to photography if they would be willing to share their photos."

The team at the gallery would then scan these photos, digitise them and immediately give them back.

The touring project, which is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, will run until August 31, before moving around the country.


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