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New cancer battle for brave Robyn ahead of treatment in US


Brave Robyn Smyth

Brave Robyn Smyth

Brave Robyn Smyth

Cancer battler Robyn Smyth faced a new fight against the disease as she flew to the US for more treatment yesterday.

The 14-year-old, who has had to cope with the illness for 12 years, was told her neuroblastoma cancer has returned to her bone marrow, brain, jaw, back and pelvis.

Robyn, of Whitehall, Dublin, is now returning to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Michigan, where she had treatment for three years previously.

"Robyn's results from her biopsy are in, and we hope to add another new type of oral medication," said her mum, Bernadette Dornan.

"Please send positive thoughts, we are hoping what she's on is working as it's tolerable so far. If anyone can do a fundraiser for Robyn, we would really appreciate it.

"The cost all these flights, scans and medication will add up fast."

She added that after the Michigan trip, it is hoped Robyn can get another form of ground-breaking treatment in Germany.


"We've consulted with a hospital in Germany who are willing to take her, but they want her to be a bit stronger, so she will have to undergo chemotherapy again to get it under control if we can in Michigan," said Bernadette.

"German medics can use a treatment where mine or her dad's immune system are tested to see if they are compatible with hers.

"If they are, then it can be transferred to Robyn. That would be an amazing outcome.


Robyn and her mum Bernadette

Robyn and her mum Bernadette

Robyn and her mum Bernadette

"Our journey to keep Robyn with us has taken so many different paths over all of these years.

"Of course we are very upset over this latest setback, but our resolve is great, and we will get her through this again.

"No part of this cancer fight, which has taken over our lives for so long, ever gets any easier. It's taken its toll on all of us."

Last June, Bernadette made an emotional plea for public support to raise €326,000 for Robyn's medical treatment.

The fundraising had stalled at €70,000, but after Bernadette's appeal, Erin McGregor, sister of UFC star Conor, helped start a floss dance challenge for Robyn, which raised hundreds of thousands of euro.

"Our fundraising drive has been given another boost as two bloggers have chosen Robyn to benefit from a raffle which could be worth several thousand euro," Bernadette added.

"We feel so bad having to ask so many people for financial help, but it's thanks to them that Robyn has been able to have all of this treatment."

Donations can be made on robynslife@live.com, idonate.ie/robynslife and gofundme.com/robynslife