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Nevin killing witness settles

a WITNESS in the trial of Catherine Nevin for the 1996 murder of her husband Tom has settled his defamation action against a newspaper on undisclosed terms.

Gerry Heapes had sued the Irish Times arising from an article published in the paper on November 26, 2010.

The case was listed in the High Court jury list yesterday when Declan Doyle SC, for Mr Heapes, told the judge it had settled and the case could be struck out with an order for taxation of Mr Heapes's High Court costs. Hugh Mohan SC appeared for the Irish Times.

No details of the settlement were disclosed and it is understood the terms are confidential.

Student 'rape play' on stage

Liverpool University is investigating after an "unacceptable" script for the medical students' society annual play which culminates in a character being drugged and raped caused outrage on social media.

The script also mocks the anti-rape slogan "no means no" and has characters including Mrs SluttyPenny and James Bondage.

The event runs every year and involves each year group performing a pantomime-style play based on an existing story, with sexual elements added.

Solar panels set for cycle paths

A project dubbed "SolaRoad" gets underway in the Netherlands this week, testing roadways as a potential canvas to collect solar energy.

The path is built of large modules of solar panels, each with heavy-duty glass protecting them from wear.

Sten de Wit of engineering firm TNO said each square meter (yard) of road generates 50-70 kilowatt hours of energy per year. That's about enough for the initial 70-metre test to power one house.

Bagpuss maker to be honoured

One of the men behind much-loved children's TV characters including Bagpuss and Noggin The Nog will be honoured by Bafta later this month.

Puppet-maker and illustrator Peter Firmin worked with Oliver Postgate for half-a-century during which the duo created some of the most successful shows ever including The Clangers and Ivor The Engine.