Tuesday 26 March 2019

Nervous wait, but I got seven A Grades and it was karting last night

THEY made us wait for our results - I had to get through three whole periods before I found out what I got.

Everyone was getting really nervous as the break approached. Then we had to line outside the principal's office and enter in groups of three.

That was slightly nerve- wracking to say the least, but everyone in my year seemed delighted with their results.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw mine. I got seven A grades and four Bs, all in higher level subjects. I was so surprised and over the moon when I saw them.

The As came in Irish, maths, business, Spanish, CSPE, history and science.

I was expecting to do a little bit worse in geography and English, but a B was better than I thought. My other Bs came in Latin and German and I'm good at languages, so I'm going to get those re-checked. If the grades don't go up I won't be too disappointed but it's worth a try.

The subject I was most delighted with is science because I want to do medicine after school. I was lucky enough to do two weeks' work experience in St Vincent's Hospital over the summer. It was incredible, I definitely know that medicine is where I want to end up now.

I rang my mum straight away when I saw my results. She was thrilled, too, and I let her pass on the news to my dad.

I am in Transition Year now so it will be very different compared to last year. It will be mainly project work, but I'm looking forward to the change of pace.

Then I'll be able to put my head down and, hopefully, achieve really good results again for my Leaving Cert. I'd love to get high points when the time comes and I'll need them for medicine.

Last night, I took it easy with the celebrations. Myself and a few friends wanted to do something a bit different so we went go-karting.

Parth is a student at Sandford Park School, Dublin 6

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