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'Nerdy' model Emma is New York-bound

SELF-CONFESSED nerd, model Emma Waldron has said that she is doing all she can to secure her future.

A modelling career in the US may be dawning for the 25-year-old from Celbridge but she is keen to ensure that she has more than one option for a career.

Emma is a qualified teacher. She loves working in the classroom but is not afraid to try new things.

"I'd love to build a fashion app. I've been at the Web-Summit this week, looking into it there. I've spent three days out there, so I am a nerd," she said.

"People are multifaceted and are good at many things, so it is important to explore other things, because you can bring that background into what ever you are doing," she added.


Emma is due to set off for New York after Christmas as she looks to further her modelling career, but one day hopes to return to the top of the classroom.

"I did my degree in St Pat's in Drumcondra and I did two years teaching. I just think it is great to have that [qualification]there," she said.

"It is good to have a plan, something that I have always been interested in and something that will always be there for me. I have my diploma and qualification," she added.

However she has her sights firmly set on the Big Apple for now after a brief stint there last summer.

"I can't wait because I was there for about three months during the summer and just fell in love with it. It is so exciting and vibrant," she said.

"I was staying on Wall Street and we had this cool apartment. There was always something going on," she added.