Tuesday 16 January 2018

Nephew of 'The Viper' arrested over costa murder of Gary Hutch

'James Quinn (p) is being questioned about the murder of Gary Hutch'
'James Quinn (p) is being questioned about the murder of Gary Hutch'

A nephew of veteran criminal Martin 'The Viper' Foley has been arrested by Spanish police investigating the murder of Gary Hutch last September.

Feared south inner city criminal James Quinn (34) was arrested by Spanish police at Madrid Airport late on Tuesday.

He is expected to appear before a local court today.

Quinn is being questioned about the murder of Gary Hutch (33), who was gunned down by a lone gunman at the Miraflores apartment complex near Marbella on September 24 last year.

Gardai worked with Spanish police in the arrest of Quinn and helped their counterparts in the nearly year-long murder investigation.

Gangland victim Gary Hutch
Gangland victim Gary Hutch

Hutch's murder started the deadly feud between his associates and the Kinahan cartel that has now claimed 10 lives and left city communities terrified.

Quinn is well known to gardai for his involvement in organised crime and has strong links to the Kinahan cartel.

It is understood that Quinn has been living in Spain's Costa del Crime for several years, where he has built up a fearsome reputation as an enforcer.

As part of their investigations, Spanish police seized a yacht worth €100,000 and a Bentley car worth €200,000 in raids yesterday.


Quinn has around 70 convictions here and in July 2013 he received a one-year jail sentence for attacking the car of a bouncer with a hammer while he was stopped at traffic lights because he was thrown out of a pub in May 2008.

The criminal smashed the front driver's window of the car in the Red Cow area of the capital.

A month earlier, in a separate case, he was convicted of assaulting Garda Nigel Daly on South Great Georges Street on April 23, 2008.

He also pleaded guilty to wilfully obstructing the garda.

The court heard that Quinn lunged at Gda Daly. The garda drew his baton and told Quinn to get back before hitting him on the leg.

Quinn retreated before again lunging at the garda with a clenched fist. Gda Daly hit him again and Quinn told him to "f**k off".

Quinn was also arrested in relation to an incident where a drug addict was shot in the leg and beaten up at his home in Basin Street in June 2008.

At the time he was regularly seen at his uncle Martin 'The Viper' Foley's side, but has not been seen in his company much in recent times.

After Foley miraculously survived a gun attack in February 2008, it was Quinn who collected him from hospital.

Foley (65) was officially warned by gardai earlier this year about an active threat against his life because of the capital's gangland feud, which he is not involved in.

Meanwhile, it emerged during the summer that investigators were looking into reports that the Kinahan cartel and Hutch mob had already been in dispute over a €4m cash haul for months before Gary Hutch was shot dead in Spain.

The cash, the proceeds of a robbery by the Hutch gang, was given to the Kinahan cartel to launder - but it was instead stolen, according to sources.

This led to huge tensions between the two major criminal organisations, which exploded when Daniel Kinahan survived an assassination attempt in August 2014, and the dispute ultimately led to Gary Hutch's murder last September.


It has also been investigated whether Hutch was shot dead because he was accused of being a garda informant by the cartel and had been stealing drug money from the mob.

Hutch had tried to escape out of a back exit at the gated Costa del Sol estate where he lived when he was cornered and shot dead.

He was murdered after a chase around the communal swimming pool of the Angel de Miraflores apartment complex, near Marbella.

Hutch is believed to have been shot twice in the back, but managed to flee.

The masked assassin chased him down before shooting him in the chest and head.

Witnesses said the gunman ran away before slowing to a walk on a steep hill leading out of the complex.

He then escaped in a stolen BMW, which was later found gutted outside a restaurant a 10-minute drive away.

The Hutch slaying kicked off a deadly feud which has led to nine other murders, including the Regency Hotel gun attack in February which was revenge for Gary's murder.

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