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Neighbour 'put sheet over body' of Hutch after killing, trial told

Thomas Fox and Jonathan Keogh have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Gareth Hutch outside his Dublin flat in 2016
Thomas Fox and Jonathan Keogh have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Gareth Hutch outside his Dublin flat in 2016

A neighbour placed a sheet over the body of Gareth Hutch after he heard a commotion and came out of his flat to find the victim lying on the ground, a trial has been told.

Neville Mills said he saw the victim's cousin, Ross Hutch, "holding his head in his hands".

Two other witnesses, Robert Larkin and Kelly Hogan, both said that Ross Hutch was "screaming and shouting" and "went hysterical".

Earlier, the non-jury Special Criminal Court was shown CCTV footage of the moment Mr Hutch was fatally shot.

Jonathan Keogh (32), his sister Regina Keogh (41) and Thomas Fox (31) have pleaded not guilty to the murder on May 24, 2016.

Mr Fox, of Rutland Court, Dublin 1, has also pleaded not guilty to possession of a Makarov handgun in suspicious circumstances on May 23, 2016.

Mr Hutch (35) - a nephew of crime boss Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch - was shot dead as he was getting into his car outside Avondale House flats on North Cumberland Street.


Regina Keogh also denies murder charges
Regina Keogh also denies murder charges

It is the State's case that Mr Keogh, of Gloucester Place, Dublin 1, was heard expressing his intention to kill Mr Hutch the evening before the killing.

It is alleged that Mr Fox and Ms Keogh were instrumental in planning the murder and that Mr Keogh and another man, Mr AB, were the shooters.

Yesterday, the court heard Mr Mills was making a cup of tea when he heard a "commotion".

He said he went into his bedroom, looked out the window, saw Ross Hutch "holding his head in his hands" and two men running out the gate.

Mr Mills said he went outside, where he saw Gareth Hutch lying on the ground.

He said another neighbour threw a sheet out a window, and he used it to cover the body.

Mr Mills said he saw a handgun on the ground, and a second gun was pointed out to him.

In her evidence, Ms Hogan said she was in her aunt's flat when she heard glass smashing.

She told how she looked into the car park and saw a lot of people running around.

Gareth Hutch was shot dead.
Gareth Hutch was shot dead.

Asked if she saw anyone lying on the ground, Ms Hogan replied: "Yeah, it was Gar, one of the neighbours."

She said she also saw Ross Hutch "running around the car park screaming".

Ms Hogan explained that she saw two men get into a car, but the engine would not start, and they ran out the gate.

Another witness, Jim Holmes, told the court he was walking toward Gardiner Street when he saw two men running down the middle of the road.

One was wearing a balaclava and a "Ferrari red ski jacket", while the other was in a grey hoodie, he said.

Mr Holmes said they ran into Champions Avenue, where they got into a silver Skoda Octavia, which was facing the wrong direction, and that there was a lot of screeching of gears as the driver attempted to make a three-point turn.

Earlier, prosecutor Paul Burns led Garda Catherine McAteer, a trained CCTV examiner, through CCTV footage from Avondale House.

The clips showed the movements of a number of unidentified people on the day before the killing and in the hours leading up to it.

The footage also showed Gareth Hutch leave his flat at 9.53am on May 24, 2016 and walk toward his car. He takes off his jacket, opens the back door of the car and places the jacket on the back seat.

As he opens the driver's door, two people emerge from a block of flats and appear to point an object at him.

The CCTV footage shows Mr Hutch fall to the ground, and the two men get into a black BMW before running away.

The trial continues.

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