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'Neighbour heard baby's cries and pounded on door but got no answer'

A NEIGHBOUR of accused Irish nanny Aisling Brady McCarthy became alarmed at the distressed crying of baby Rehma Sabir.

The resident told police that she heard the infant crying loudly early in the morning when the child's mother Nada and nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady were both home.

The witness said that on January 14 the baby was crying between 8.30am and 9.30am and the crying grew louder until it sounded as if she was gasping.

The child's mother left for work at 9.30am and the crying gradually got worse.

According to investigative site wcvb.com, the unnamed individual said that she then became so worried that she went to the apartment door and began to pound on the door.

There was no response, even though she timed her knocking "between the baby's gasping".

The crying slowed before stopping completely and she did not hear the baby after 10am.

Another neighbour, Thomas Collins, who lived above Brady in a two-family home in Quincy for the past six years, said her arrest came as no surprise.

He said that she has had numerous arguments with him over minor things such as use of the yard and an off-street parking space.

"She would just go off the hinges, just ballistic, at a moment's notice," he said.

However, a third neighbours Dao Lee, who runs a laundromat near the apartment where the Sabirs lived, said that she was attentive and gentle and once when his wife tried to cuddle the child, the nanny stepped in, worried about germs that could make the baby ill.