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Nanny didn't hurt baby and police's case is full of holes, claims lawyer

THE lawyer for Irish nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady has claimed there are inconsistencies in the case against her.

MELINDA Thompson said the "holes" in the Boston police case against the Irish woman will prove she is innocent.

US authorities said post-mortem results on baby Rehma will determine whether murder charges will be made against the 34-year-old from Lavey, Co Cavan, who was living illegally in Boston.

The newly-married Irishwoman has been charged with battering one-year-old Rehma Sabir at the baby's home in Boston. She has vehemently denied the charge.


Preliminary results found "bruises to the top of and behind (the child's) right ear and her buttocks" as well as "multiple" bruises to the head and injuries to her spinal cord. The baby died two days after being admitted to hospital.

The parents of the baby girl have gone through "unimaginable pain" since their child died, says the local district attorney.

However, defence lawyer Ms Thompson said her client "would never hurt a child".

"It is all devastating to Aisling. She is pleading her innocence. I have met her husband and have spoken to some of her siblings and they support her fully," Ms Thompson said. "They are standing by her and don't believe she had done anything wrong. They believe she loved that girl and would never do anything to hurt a child.

"Her family are nervous at the moment and are not saying much. They are very worried.

"There is definitely something wrong with the timeline and the accusations. I hope no one hurt the child and that it was an illness or something. I appreciate that there is medical evidence coming out that will show at some point that she was potentially harmed.

"But the child was on an extended trip to London before Christmas time. Aisling did not go with the family so she did not see the child for a long time." The lawyer went on to give a version of events leading up to the child being hospitalised.

She said: "The mother left at 9.30am. The child cried a little bit more, Aisling played with her and then put her down for a nap.

"People were in and out of the house in that time to see the baby. Somebody came over to bring another child.


"The baby woke up at about 1pm. Aisling tried to feed her. She ate a little bit and then slumped over and started to fall asleep again in the chair. So Aisling put her down for another nap.

"Now the authorities are trying to say that in the time period between about 2pm and 4.15pm, which is when people starting coming back to the apartment, Aisling lost her temper and did something to the child.

"They are saying she shook her. My real problem with the case is that I can't understand how you can shake a child that violently and cause those injuries without leaving a single mark on the child.

"Not a fingerprint, not a handprint," said Ms Thompson.

Ms McCarthy Brady has been remanded in custody after bail was set at $500,000 (€373,915). She is due to appear in court again on February 22 for a status hearing. But she will appear on an earlier date if the charges against her are upgraded to murder.