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NAMA gets €30m from State

THE State paid NAMA around €30m last year to rent out 82 properties in its portfolio.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan confirmed that NAMA rented out, among other counties, properties in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath – which account for 76pc of the rent paid.

"Nama, in its role as secured lender, is agreeing rent abatements through its debtors and insolvency practitioners to support small businesses around the country that are struggling to survive because of the economic environment," Mr Noonan said

"Nama has no legal role in relation to the contracts between property owners/appointed insolvency practitioners and third parties," he added.

"Any discussion on rent reviews is a matter for the property owner/appointed insolvency practitioner and the tenant, and these discussions will be dealt with on a commercial basis and in accordance with the Nama guidelines."