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Nadia shows off her jungle chic with bikini made out of tree bark showing her jungle chic

As IRISH model Nadia Forde spends time in the Celebrity Slammer she's been coming up with creative ways to keep herself entertained.

The brunette fashioned herself a bikini from the bark of a tree and proceeded to prance around the camp modelling her creation.

"I'm trying to create the jungle Jane kind of look," she said.

Meanwhile, controversial former reality TV star Katie Hopkins has hit out at Nadia with a series of nasty remarks.

Hopkins said she should model for plus-size brand Evans and was only in the jungle because of her rumoured relationship with Rory McIlroy.

"One young lady isn't in the jungle for her personality (Gemma) or good looks (Melanie Sykes). She's there because she was once someone's girlfriend," she wrote.

"A golfer's girlfriend. A golf hag. Nadia Forde used to date Rory McIlroy. She sounds as thick as a house brick and equally interesting," Hopkins said.

Both Nadia and McIlroy denied they were dating when the rumours surfaced during the summer.

Back in the jungle, former footballer Jimmy Bullard was the first celebrity to take part in the Bushtucker Trial.

He managed to find four out of six stars in the snake and eel infested Tunnel of Terror and was allowed to choose between food for the camp or releasing a celebrity from the slammer.

He chose to release Vicki Michelle meaning Nadia and pals stayed in jail.

"It's so tough living here with all the bugs because we are sleeping on the floor and getting bitten alive. It's like the jungle is hard but we're getting a harder time living in the slammer," Nadia complained.


Former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson expressed her relief that Nadia hadn't been released.

"I'm glad we voted in Vicki because to me she's beautiful but a little less threatening than Nadia," she revealed.

"I'm not ready to compete in bodies right now. I already have Mel. Stop throwing these models in my face. God, it's not fair. If that Nadia comes walking in with a grass skirt and little fruit top... I'm going to start doing my sit ups," she added.

The three remaining Slammer celebrities were then given a knitting challenge - for biscuits for every ten rows knitted . Nadia managed to knit 49 lines but Gemma refused to eat the biscuit offered.