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Nadia flirts with new jungle arrival Jake while Kendra bugs out in cockroach trial


Jake Quickenden and Nadia Forde flirting

Jake Quickenden and Nadia Forde flirting


Jake Quickenden and Nadia Forde flirting

Irish model Nadia Forde has survived another night in the jungle without having to do a Bushtucker trial, but she's been keeping busy flirting with new arrival Jake.

The top model is competing in the reality show where 12 celebrities live in the Australian jungle and have to complete trials involving lots of bugs and snakes in exchange for food.

The public vote for one celebrity to complete the challenge each night and next week voters will choose who to evict from the jungle.

Whichever celebrity manages to evade eviction wins a rumoured €125,000 and a substantial sum for their chosen charity as well.

Nadia has so far managed to avoid the public vote and she's gone down a hit with her camp mates, especially new arrival X Factor star Jake Quickenden.

Jake and former British MP Edwina Currie arrived in the jungle last night after Towie's Gemma Collin's decided to quit the show and Coronation Street's Craig Charles had to leave after his brother died suddenly of a heart attack.

The X Factor contestant has said he is open to some romance in the jungle.

Jake spent time in one of the hammocks with model Nadia where they were flirting with each other. She later cooled down with a shower in her sexy red bikini.

Playboy bunny Kendra also seems to be a big fan of his and the pair ended up snuggling up after her disastrous attempt at the Cockroach Shaker Bushtucker trial.

He also asked World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty and ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard who the nicest girl in the camp was.

"I think the nicest one is Nadia. I think she's really sweet," Jimmy said.

"I see Kendra as my little brother, she's a crank; Mel [Sykes] is lovely, I'm probably closest to Mel out of all the girls," he added.

Jake seemed to be impressed by all his female camp mates.

"It's different for me because Kendra's personality is pretty mint; Nadia's quite sweet and pretty, and Mel's got a banging body. Edwina's smoking and Vicki seems lovely," he said.

Nadia has also said she's open to romance so it remains to be seen if she ends up finding love.