Wednesday 22 November 2017

My waking boy (3) is hero who saved us from blaze nightmare

A DUBLIN mum whose family was plucked from a terrifying blaze on Christmas Day has revealed the moment fire engulfed her home.

Vivienne Kellet said she is alive because the crying of her toddler son woke up the household as the blaze took hold.

The 28-year-old from Tallaght and her three children, Ellen (10), Thomas (3) and Eric (six months), were sleeping upstairs when a fire broke out in their living room and left them trapped inside.

"When I woke up I could smell the smoke and the baby was starting to stir. Thomas had woke up and alerted us all. I picked up the baby and ran into the back room to the other two, and I went to go downstairs but I knew it was too hot," the mum explained. "I just wanted to get all of the kids out of the house, there wasn't anything else going through my head. I just wanted them safe.


"I rang the fire brigade and I said to Ellen to stick her head out the window and scream her lungs out. I put them out sitting on the window sill because the extension building was right below it and there was no drop for them."

She has now described her neighbours and firemen who rushed to the scene in Tallaght as heroes.

"My neighbours were amazing. Robert Finn came out first. We were all out in the back room upstairs and he came and he got all of the kids off the extension. I had my head sticking out the window until the fire brigade came. The fireman had to bring me down through the house, and it was the heat that caused the scorch marks on my skin. I had smoke inhalation so they induced me into a coma to make sure everything was okay."

Vivienne was brought to hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation and put in an induced coma until St Stephen's Day. She was eventually discharged on December 28 but still receives treatment for burns to her arms. And they are now staying with Vivienne's mother Joan while the family home is renovated.

Vivienne paid tribute to the fireman who saved her life: "People say that I'm a hero but that's what a mother does, she protects her children. That man took me out -- he's the real hero."

Vivienne added: "We're all just happy to be alive. Everyone have been so great." The family plan to celebrate Christmas this month since they didn't spend the festive day together.


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