Saturday 25 November 2017

My two daughters screamed as 'creepy clowns' carrying machete swooped on our car

Kurtis Mulvaney managed to take this picture of the 'clowns' who approached cars in Manchester
Kurtis Mulvaney managed to take this picture of the 'clowns' who approached cars in Manchester
Alice Slattery and her daughters Honey and Lily

Clowns armed with a "machete" terrorised drivers who stopped at a set of traffic lights in Manchester - even climbing on one mother's car bonnet, leaving her children screaming.

Kurtis Mulvaney (29) was driving home at around 8pm on Sunday when he stopped at the lights outside Manchester Fort shopping centre.

Two clowns emerged from bushes and began running towards the cars, sending one driver fleeing through a red light - while Kurtis caught a picture of the terrifying pair peering in through his window. He believes the weapon one was carrying was most likely fake.

The 'killer clown' craze has continued to spread across the UK, with one force dealing with 14 reports in 24 hours, after beginning in the US recently.


Mother-of-two Alice Slattery claims she had pulled up at the same traffic lights as Mr Mulvaney only half-an-hour earlier.

She said she had turned to check on Lily (4) and Honey (3) in the back seats when Lily began screaming.

Ms Slattery (28) said she turned back to find a clown across her car's bonnet, prompting her to beep her horn and begin driving, forcing the clown to jump off. However, as she sped away she spotted that a second clown "with something in his hand" had been lurking behind her car.

"It was like something out of a horror movie," she said. "I turned around and there was a clown lying across the bonnet. His feet were close to the driver's side wheel and he was leaning on his elbow as if he was posing, like he was showing off.

"But he didn't have a normal clown mask on - it was quite a scary one. I was shocked. I didn't know whether to laugh or scream, so I beeped my horn and, luckily, the lights changed - so I drove and he jumped off.

"I felt a bit sick. I was just rushing but I was more concerned about the kids. I would have just driven through the lights if they hadn't changed.

"As I drove I away I saw another had been stood behind the car in the road. He had something in his hand, but I couldn't see what it was.

"I managed to calm the girls down by saying it was just people playing for Halloween. They are OK now, but it was all just a bit surreal.

Ms Slattery said she later saw the picture shared by Mr Mulvaney and realised it was the same two clowns.

Meanwhile, officers have been called to a string of incidents where pranksters or criminals dressed as clowns try to scare innocent bystanders.

Chief Superintendent Andy Boyd, of Thames Valley Police - whose force received 14 calls about sightings - warned it is a waste of police resources.

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