Friday 21 September 2018

'My twins give me top fashion tips', says Sonya

Sonya Lennon along with her twins Evie and Finn (Jason Clarke)
Sonya Lennon along with her twins Evie and Finn (Jason Clarke)

Stylist, designer and mum-of-two Sonya Lennon has revealed that her personal frock advisors are often her trendy 11-year-old twins.

Sonya told the Herald that, despite her stylist credentials, her children are quick to tell her what they think of her outfits.

"They would have an opinion about some of the clothes that I wear. If there was an either/or situation, they certainly wouldn't be shy about offering an opinion," she said.


"Sometimes it feels like getting dressed by committee."

Her twins, Evie and Finn (11), are both interested in fashion.

The youngsters may be in a luckier position than most, having a mum with her finger on the pulse of fashion - but, as it turns out, not even experts are given a free reign on their kids' sartorial choices.

"They're both into their clothes and how they look. They are quite opinionated about their clothes," Sonya (47) said.

"I think we've gone past the stage where I can bring clothes home for them. They have to have some input. There's always an inclination to challenge your mother."

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