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My son was robbed at knifepoint: MCD boss


Caroline Downey Desmond. Photo Doug O'Connor

Caroline Downey Desmond. Photo Doug O'Connor

Caroline Downey Desmond. Photo Doug O'Connor

THE son of MCD bosses Denis and Caroline Desmond was held at knifepoint in the city centre during a vicious mugging.

Jett Desmond (20) was targeted for his mobile phone.

The shocking incident, which happened some time ago, is indicative of the violent behaviour on our streets, says his mother.

She was responding to questions about the violence at last year's concert in the Phoenix Park in an exclusive interview in the Herald.

Ms Downey Desmond said that security measures at major outdoor concerts could only go so far.

And she said our dangerous relationship with alcohol needs to be addressed.

The mum-of-three acknowledged that there were particularly serious problems at last July's Phoenix Park concerts – six people were stabbed and two later died from suspected drug overdoses.

But these issues were the result of high levels of drinking mixed with a random acts of violence that spiralled out of control, she said.

Caroline's youngest son Jett (20) was mugged on Grafton Street for his mobile phone.

"He was on the phone when it happened, someone grabbed the phone off him and he ran after them," she said.

"He is one of many kids that I know who have been mugged for their mobile phone.

"That could happen to you walking or on the bus. It is an issue right across Ireland."

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