Tuesday 23 January 2018

My robber son was killed like an animal

THE mother of Paul Howe today described how her son was killed like an animal after a botched shop raid.

And she insisted that he had only attempted the raid after he was threatened over a debt he owed.

Paul Howe (22) from Brookfield in Tallaght, was repeatedly stabbed with his own knife while trying to escape from a robbery. He was caught by a security guard and group of people as he tried to escape the scene after raiding a Killester supermarket on October 8, 2008.

His mother today told the Herald that Paul already had €850 with him when he left the house that morning, and they believe he was trying to raise the rest of a debt he owed.

"They say that Paul got that €850 in the robbery, but I helped him count it that morning before he left," said Paul's mother Veronica.

"I believe he was trying to raise more money or he was going to get a bullet," she added.

David Wilson (22), of Marigold Avenue, Darndale, has been found guilty of Howe's manslaughter at the Central Criminal Court, and is due to be sentenced next month.

But Howe's family have today said that he was killed like an animal. "Paul was pulled down and beaten, and then stabbed, and then had his hands tied. You wouldn't do it to an animal," said Veronica.

Speaking about the verdict, Veronica says she is only thankful that Wilson wasn't acquitted.

Veronica described Paul as a good young lad, but said the death of his father Peter, when Paul was 13, changed his life.

"Paul stopped going to school, and started staying out late at night, and everything changed when he got involved in drugs," said Veronica.

"I was shocked to hear he was involved in that robbery. I couldn't believe it, but that's what drugs does," she added.

Her message to David Wilson was to ask why he had to stab her son seven times if he claims he just wanted to calm him down.

"He stabbed him in both lungs and severed an artery. His family can go and visit him in prison, but I have to go to a grave," she explained.

Paul's daughter Shauntai will be seven on Wednesday.

During the eight-day trial, the jury saw CCTV footage of Howe and another man threatening female cashiers with knives in SuperValu on the Howth Road on the night of the killing.

Wilson and a group of men were seen standing outside the shop, looking in as the robbery unfolded. He was recorded throwing a can at Howe as the raider ran out of the shop.

He then chased Howe, followed by security guard Deepak Daulat and others.

The security guard gave evidence that he chased Howe, armed with a walking stick and caught up with him, with Wilson following behind, and pulled him from a wall.

The security guard said he wrestled Howe to the ground and hit him twice with the stick, which caused Howe to drop the knife he had been carrying.

The court heard the next time the security guard saw the knife was when Wilson had it in his hand and was stabbing Howe.

In garda interviews, Wilson, Dublin, said he never meant to kill anyone and only stabbed Howe to "calm him down".


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