Tuesday 21 January 2020

'My ridiculous haircut is hardest thing about filming Young Offenders', says PJ

PJ Gallagher. Photo: Justin Farrelly
PJ Gallagher. Photo: Justin Farrelly
Young Offenders star Alex Murphy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Filming for the second series of The Young Offenders is under way in Cork, and PJ Gallagher is wearing a "ridiculous haircut" for a few months.

The actor and comedian plays school principal Barry, who sports a quirky moustache and perm-like hairstyle, which Gallagher is forced to wear in real life.

"The hardest thing about filming is wearing this moustache and this ridiculous haircut for a few months," he said.

"It's all my own hair, thankfully, though with this haircut sometimes I wish I did go bald.

"It's totally normal to go around bald. My hair and this moustache is not normal.

"As soon as I start to forget about it, someone says, 'What the hell kind of style choice is that?' It just looks stupid."


The Dubliner is thoroughly enjoying the shoot, especially as his character is set to become a grandad.

One of Barry's two teenage daughters is expecting with one of the two offenders of the title, who attended Barry's school in the first series.

The pair - Jock and Conor - are played by Chris Walley and Alex Murphy.

"It's gas because it's 20 years since I went into drama school when I was 23-years-old and in my first acting job I'm playing a grandad. Talk about waiting a long time to get going," Gallagher said.

The Young Offenders was a ratings smash for BBC Three and RTE last year, and the Christmas special drew 600,000 viewers for RTE One.

Having spent so much time filming in the Rebel county, Gallagher considers it his second home.

"If anything happens with the radio job on Classic Hits 4FM, I'd go down in a heartbeat," he said.

"I never thought I'd love Cork so much, but I'd love to live there."

Gallagher is also gearing up for the first episode of his new series, The Big DIY Challenge, which kicks off on RTE One on Tuesday.

The show sees DIY enthusiasts go head-to-head in challenges from room renovations to outdoor construction projects to win €10,000.

"The weirdest thing is that DIYers are essentially a cult," he said.

"They're completely f**king obsessed with watching YouTube videos all day and into the night."

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