Saturday 21 July 2018

My precious pint - Lord of the Rings pub opens

Ollie Favier at his Shire pub in Co Kerry
Ollie Favier at his Shire pub in Co Kerry
The Shire pub in Kerry

A self-confessed 'vertically-challenged' publican has opened the country's first Lord of the Rings-themed pub.

The new watering hole The Shire has opened its doors with decor and drinks inspired by Frodo, Bilbo and Co in Killarney. The pub offers punters the chance to get "Merry" on Bilbo's Beer. Ollie Favier, who owns The Bailey in Cork City, is the man behind the venue which has areas named after Middle Earth, Mordor and 'the Prancing Pony'.

From the taps, visitors can inspect Tolkien-inspired tankards full of Gandalf's Ale, Bilbo's Beer, Frodo's Lager or Orc Draught.

Lifelong fan Ollie said that his latest venture could be traced back to the release of the second and third movies, when his brothers became known locally as the Hobbits, due to their small stature, and their signature cocktail was coined 'Hobbit-juice'.

"I'm vertically challenged and was dubbed The Hobbit by my mates," he explained. "But I thought why not roll with it and now I'm having the last laugh."


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