Friday 22 March 2019

'My mum took a dirty rapist off street', says daughter of Scissor Sister Linda

Linda Mulhall was released last week from prison
Linda Mulhall was released last week from prison

The daughter of Scissor Sister Linda Mulhall has praised her killer mother's actions, saying she "took a dirty rapist off the streets".

Nikita Mulhall broke the family's silence for the first time since Linda was released from prison on Tuesday, having served 12 years for the manslaughter of Farah Swaleh Noor.

Nikita (23) blasted the Kenyan as a "murderer, rapist and woman beater" who was not getting "away with raping another woman" on the night he died.


"Boils my blood no one will ever know the true story to what happened," Nikita posted on Facebook.

"If he was in prison and the three of them were in the ground, how much different would it have been?"

Nikita is a respected community worker and fitness instructor and was named the Irish player of the tournament at last year's Homeless World Cup.

"You've done your time Linda, well done - go live your life, you deserve it," she wrote.

"The man already murdered and raped a girl with disabilities so a murderer was taken off the streets. Done her crime, done her time - took a dirty rapist off the streets."

Describing the events that took place on the night of the murder, Nikita also portrayed Noor as a vicious woman-beater who had been battering Linda and Charlotte's mother, Kathleen, throughout a short-lived and tumultuous relationship.

"He attacked the mother of the two of them the whole relationship, bet lumps out of her.

Daughter Nikita
Daughter Nikita

"Then the night it happened he messed with the wrong woman - he wasn't getting away with raping another woman that night."

Linda, who is currently understood to be staying at a hostel in Dublin, served every last day of her sentence after refusing an offer of early release from the Irish Prison Service before Christmas.

Charlotte and Linda - dubbed the Scissor Sisters - fatally attacked Noor at their mother's house at Richmond Cottages, off Dublin's North Strand, on March 20, 2005.


Evidence at the sisters' trial suggested they were on a vodka and ecstasy binge with Noor and Kathleen when Noor made an aggressive pass at Linda.

When he ignored warnings to leave her alone, Charlotte picked up a blade and cut his throat.

Noor, who had a wife and two children in Kenya, staggered into a bedroom.

Charlotte stabbed him up to 20 times with a kitchen knife, while Linda admitted hitting him "a good few times" in the head with a claw hammer.

Both then spent hours sawing up his body in the bathroom, packing most of the parts into black plastic bags.

They then dumped his limbs and torso in the nearby Royal Canal before taking his head on the bus to Tallaght.

It was hidden in a park before being disposed of at another location. Noor's head and penis have never been found.

Linda claimed it was Charlotte's idea to dismember the body, but Charlotte, who initially denied her involvement in the murder, said her mother had told the sisters to kill Noor and gave them the knife and hammer.

It was claimed she then ordered them to cut up the body.

Noor's arms and legs were spotted floating in the Royal Canal 10 days after his murder.

His body was retrieved by the Garda Sub Aqua Unit in seven parts after a passer-by saw his leg, with a sock on the end, sticking out of the water.

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