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My mum inspired me - and now we've lost 12 stone between us


Slimmers Amanda and Annette Callan

Slimmers Amanda and Annette Callan

Annette before starting her diet, which has seen her drop nearly 6st

Annette before starting her diet, which has seen her drop nearly 6st


Slimmers Amanda and Annette Callan

A mother and daughter have lost nearly 12 stone between them, the equivalent weight of an adult woman.

While Annette Callan was shaeeding the pounds every week with her weight-loss class, her daughter Amanda was contemplating joining her.

"A picture came up on Facebook of me sitting in between my two best friends and I just looked huge," explained Amanda (35), from Navan, Co Meath.

"I had always been big but that was the moment I said to myself, 'What I have I done?'.

"I was mortified. I was three or four times bigger than my friends."

Annette (56) had been attending Slimming World for a year at that point and has gone from 20st 6lb to 14st 8lb in just over two years.

Amanda said: "Mum encouraging me to join Slimming World with her is the best thing she has ever done for me."

Amanda has slimmed down from a size 24 to a size 10-12 and has dropped from 16st 10lb to 10st 9lb.

The mother and daughter team have lost just under 12 stone between them.

"It is a whole person," Annette said.


Amanda, who is mum to Kyle (12), said: "I am smaller now than I was in my teens and 20s.

"I tried all the fad diets, but I liked food."

Through learning of her mum's experience, Amanda realised that she would not be restricted by her new regime which "seemed very do-able and simple".

She has now started her own Slimming World group in Tullyallen, Co Louth, because of her new attitude to losing weight.

"It is actually quite sad because when you have weight on you, you feel that you are not good enough," she said.

"You feel you don't deserve anything and, just by losing the weight, just because you conform to what people expect you to be like, you are more confident.

"I am happier in myself and as a result myself and my partner Ray are not bickering.

"It is completely life-changing and it is sad to think that your weight does that to you."

Three months after she started her group, Amanda said the changes are there to be seen in all the members.

"Now they come into the room and they stand a bit taller and they look a bit happier," she said.

Annette, who also lives in Navan, said she is happy to leave traditional diets behind.

"It's the first time since I was 12 or 14 that I have not been on a diet," she said.

"I used to think I was overweight because my parents were, but it is not because of that.

"Now when I go into a supermarket I think about what I can eat not can't eat."

Amanda added: "I would see how well mam was doing and the excitement around her."