Friday 17 January 2020

'My little girl (3) is so angry - she knows that we need a proper home'

Mum-of-two snubbed by 'thousands of landlords'

Homeless mum-of-two Chloe Sheridan with her son Brody-Lee (15 months). She wants a stable home for her kids
Homeless mum-of-two Chloe Sheridan with her son Brody-Lee (15 months). She wants a stable home for her kids

A young mother-of-two is desperate for a stable home after experiencing long-term homelessness since giving birth at the age of 16 to her first child.

Chloe Sheridan, now 20, is mother to Amber-Faye (3) and Brody-Lee (15 months) and says both her children were born into homelessness.

After emailing thousands of landlords, she has now given up on ever finding a private rental.

She claims she was asked last Monday to leave the hotel where she and her family had been staying, and although Dublin Regional Homeless Executive (DRHE) has arranged for a new hotel placement, Ms Sheridan said: "I just can't take any more."


The young mother, who has a partner who is also homeless, said she and her children suffer a blood disorder that means they should be eating healthily.

"But because of living out of hotels, we're forced to eat out of chippers all the time and that's bad for my children and my health," she said.

Ms Sheridan was originally made homeless, she said, for reasons she doesn't wish to discuss.

"I'm letting my children down, but it feels like no one cares. I'm only 20 and no landlords will take me," said Ms Sheridan, who is originally from Coolock.

"I literally emailed and phoned thousands of landlords and you get to the point where you give up and realise no one is going to rent to us in the private rental market. You give up.

"My children need a stable home. It's affecting their health being homeless and living out of hotels.

"My daughter is due to go to anger management because she just can't understand why we don't have a home, and she thinks her granny's house is our home and gets angry when we don't sleep there.

"There are also queries over my son's health as he can't walk or crawl. We're looking to put him into speech and language therapy, but we can't move forward with our lives until we get a stable home.

"I'm high up the housing list, but it just feels we're being moved from pillar to post. This is big time affecting the kids.

"My daughter is so angry. She knows she should have a stable home."

Ms Sheridan said she also has anxiety and feels this is worsened by homelessness.


"I want to work, I want to build a better life for my family but how can I even start without a home?" she said.

"I'm speaking out because I know I have to, that no one will listen unless I do.

"I have to fight for my children, and by speaking out, that's what I feel I'm doing. No family should be living like this."

Ms Sheridan told the Herald yesterday that the council had offered her and her family a flat in the north inner city centre but she said this was "not suitable" for them.

She is hopeful the council will be in a position to assist her family soon.

A DRHE spokeswoman said: "The family have taken up the alternative placement offered by DRHE."

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