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My job could be history in five years - rte's Bryan

VETERAN RTE presenter Bryan Dobson has questioned if the role of news anchor will exist in rapidly-changing news environments.

Speaking on his first day of master classes as Adjunct Professor in Public Service Broadcasting at the University of Limerick (UL), the newsreader said there will always be a demand for news, but the platform on which it is delivered is evolving rapidly.

"It is not so much the nature of the change that has taken me by surprise it's the speed of it. The speed at which newspapers, in particular, are migrating their activities online.


"I do wonder whether the particular job I do - sitting down and reading the news every night - whether it will exist in ten, 15 or 20 years' time.

"And then when I say that, I think maybe it could be five years when it could be gone, because people will just find news in different ways."

The main anchor of the flagship Six One News programme on RTE One television, took up the honorary unpaid position in UL earlier this year, joining Geraldine Kennedy, the former editor of The Irish Times and Sunday Times columnist Justine McCarthy, who are also adjunct professors of journalism at UL.

Over his three-year contract, Mr Dobson will conduct expert lectures in public service broadcast policy, and master classes in broadcast journalism with UL's Journalism and New Media students.

And the veteran broadcaster warned students to always only report what you can stand over.

"t is very important that there is an accurate reliable and trustworthy account of what actually happened," he said.